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The 5-Minute Economist specializes in economic and financial research, current issues related to public policy and educating the public on economic and financial issues. The 5-Minute Economist is the owner and publisher of proprietary indicator called The Economic Performance index (EPI) that was designed to evaluate the performance of the economy, markets, and government policy.

www.5MinuteEconomist.com is a unique subscription-based service that gives you a clear, unbiased and, at the same time, quick understanding of the economy.  The 5-Minute Economist offers a clear but powerful method of evaluating the performance of any economic entity, be it a nation, a U.S. state, or an economic bloc like the EU.



Economist Vadim Khramov, PhD formerly served as advisor to the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., before becoming Vice President for Global Research and Director for EEMEA Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London. He has been interviewed for CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Foreign Policy, among others. Vadim currently works for an asset management company and lives with his wife in Boca Raton, FL.


The late John Ridings Lee, Jr. was a businessman and influential political activist. He had a career in finance that included serving as CFO of North American National Life Insurance Company and CEO and co-founder of the Akuratus Corporation, John co-founded the Center for Economic Performance with Dr. Vadim Khramov and patented the Economic Performance Index, the first ever patent of its kind to be issued. He lobbied for better economic policies to congressmen and national figures at the GOP National Headquarters, Heritage Foundation, and CATO Institute, among other venues. He was an avid artist, exhibiting original paintings and producing movies in Hollywood. John held degrees in business, political science, and economics from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) as well as a BA in economics from Stanford University. Originally from Dallas, TX, he resided in Malibu, CA.

Founders Vadim Khramov and John Ridings Lee, Jr. created The 5-Minute Economist because they believe that everyone should be able answer the question “What’s going on with the economy?”  It took them four years of research, including many consultations with economists, businesspeople, representatives of Congress, and others to create their own economic index. Currently, it is one only patented indicator in the world that was published as a Working Paper at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is called, simply, the Economic Performance Index, or EPI.

The 5-Minute Economist allows comparing the economic performance of the U.S. with other countries with just a few simple clicks. EPI charts would show if a country’s economy is improving over time or not and help you to better understand why this is. The simple scoring and grading system help to provide an easy and coherent understating of what’s going on in the economy.

Just open the EPI online or on your mobile device to always stay updated on how the U.S. is doing overall or, more specifically, see how your state is doing.

The 5-Minute Economist gives you access to the reports of all 50 U.S. states and 40 countries along with 4-year forecasts.

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Education: SMU Cox Business School, Business and Math degrees, Stanford University Business School, Insurance Degree.

Military: “Special Forces Sniper and Munitions Specialist.”

Insurance Career: 1965 contracted by Blackwell and Green, Lloyds of London Syndicate as Life Cover and Reinsurance specialist. Currently holds 22 US insurance company brokerage contracts, licensed in 34 states. Three US patents for financial instruments: Salaryguard, Option65 and ICEP.

Specialties: Jumbo life cover, annuities, ICAP and ICEP Programs, Bonding, Keyman and Corporate Cost Recovery Insurance Programs.

Boards: Dedman School SMU, North American National Life, Southwestern Medical Foundation, Akuratus Co., Worksoft Ltd.

Business Affiliations: Employee Plans Mgmt Co., President 1963 – 2015, Management Compensation Group CEO, 1977 – 2015, = John Ridings Lee Company Inc. CEO, 1970-2015, North American National Re CEO, 1980-2015, North American National Life CEO, 1989 – 2001. North American National Risk Services CEO, 2015 – Present.

Professional Affiliations: AALU, MDRT, TALU, DALU, Dallas Estate Council as well as other insurance related professional organizations. Frequent speaker on insurance matters nationally.